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In my sparetime I developed a project about a system in lightweight construction. This system with standardized components and standardized groups is for a huge variety of activities, for example for leisure - time activities, holidays, education, cultural life and especially for sports. One element of this lightweight construction system is the "Light Mobile Family".

That family counts a number of different kinds of mobiles. I´ve already took out a patent on the "Light Mobile Family". One part of this mobile family is the main-mobile for fun and sports which is at the some time the basis for the schoolsports-mobile. The schoolsports-mobile contains eight stations for fun and sports. It allows up to sixteen pupils to do exercises on it.You can do the workouts either in standing position or in motion. Four wheels will give the exerciser the necessary mobility. The schoolsports-mobile consists of one central element and two smaller side parts, just looking like wings. Both of those elements form the basis for any further extensions, like for put up for basketball or a net for volleyball or elements that enable you to do some workout or even bodybuilding. Only two of these schoolsports-mobiles at every school and we could reach a tremendous new quality of physical education. Those two mobiles could also form the basis for a qualified sportsteam in school. The kids could decorate the mobiles with colours and other materials, like to give them the look o an elephant or a ship.
They could also have fun by giving them the most funniest names. The mobiles can turn every little playground into a little stadium anywhere and every little room will be turned into a little sports club within seconds. So with those mobiles everybody is able to exercise within the entire lesson. That means while one group of kids are doing long jump the some time the others can do even other exercises on that very same mobile. In the beginning of each sportslesson this exerciser enables the kids to do some warm-up and at the end of each lesson they will be able to carry out an unforgettable match.

In autumn 1996 the schoolsports-mobile had it´s first trial in the public with the help of my son´s class. In may 1997 the same mobile was showed a second time to the public. Within the TV-show "Einfach genial" ("simply brilliant") we were placed second out of three newly developed exercisers. The expenses of the mobile are about 2.500 DM (1.250 Euro or 1.400 US-dollar). It consists of wooden chipboard. Finally I hope, I will find fans and sponsors for this project all over the world. I even wish I could find a foundation in each and every country that would support the employment of the schoolsports-mobile.

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